Our process - How we work

At Polar Pivot, we specialize in creating effective email marketing campaigns. Our process is designed to maximize your ROI by leveraging our expertise in crafting compelling emails, configuring strategic sequences, and ensuring high-quality bookings and sales for your business.

Write Up

Our team of experienced copywriters and marketers work together to create convincing and engaging cold email sequences tailored to your business needs.

We start by understanding your target audience and their pain points. This helps us craft personalized emails that resonate with them.

Our emails are designed to capture attention, spark interest, and compel your prospects to take action.

Included in this phase

  • Target audience research
  • Personalized email creation
  • Compelling call-to-actions
  • Follow-up sequence planning
  • Performance tracking


After crafting the perfect cold emails, we move on to the configuration phase. This is where we set up advanced email sequences to maximize engagement and conversions.

Our team of experts, backed by powerful AI algorithms, meticulously configure these sequences. We take into account various factors like the best time to send, frequency, follow-up strategy, and more.

This strategic configuration ensures that your emails reach the right people at the right time, significantly increasing the chances of a positive response. Our goal is to deliver the best ROI for your business.

The email sequences configured by the team were so effective, we saw a significant increase in our conversion rates!

Debra Fiscal, CEO of Unseal

Book Meetings

Our email campaign doesn't just end at sending out well-crafted and strategically configured emails. The ultimate goal is to deliver high-quality bookings and sales to your business every month.

We monitor the responses and engagement from the emails sent out and follow up accordingly. This ensures that no potential lead is missed out.

Our team is skilled in handling objections and turning them into opportunities . We ensure that your calendar is filled with meetings with potential clients.

Included in this phase

  • Response Monitoring. We keep a close eye on the responses from the emails sent out.
  • Follow-ups. We send out timely and strategic follow-ups to potential leads.
  • Objection Handling. Our team is skilled in handling objections and turning them into opportunities.

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