Cold Emails As a Service (with a twist)

At a monthly retainer, we will take care of the whole process. From writing up high quality, personal cold emails, to setting up advanced sequences and finding high quality leads. Thousands of emails sent for your business on autopilot.

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Harnessing technology for a brighter future

We believe technology is the answer to the world’s greatest challenges. It’s also the cause, so we find ourselves in bit of a catch 22 situation.


Case study

Revolutionizing customer service with AI chatbots

AIChat is a leading provider of AI chatbot services. They help businesses automate their customer service, leading to improved customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Partnering with Polar Pivot has been a transformative experience for our business. Their proficiency in creating and managing impactful email campaigns has dramatically increased our customer engagement and reach.


Services - Polar Pivot - Specialising in Cold Emails

We provide an all-in-one service as a subscription. We write emails, set up sequences, and bring leads to you or get more meetings booked for a monthly retainer.

  • Cold Email Marketing. We specialise in crafting high quality, personalised cold emails that engage your audience and drive conversions.
  • Email Sequence Setup. Our team of experts set up advanced email sequences that nurture leads and get more meetings booked, all on autopilot.
  • Monthly Retainer. With our monthly retainer, we take care of the entire process, from writing emails to setting up sequences. You can focus on what you do best - running your business.
  • Lead Generation. We don't just send emails. We bring leads to you and get more meetings booked, helping your business to grow.

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